Stained Glass Care and Disclaimers

Every piece I make is handmade and thus not “perfect” by factory standards. There will always be character in every piece I make and prices will reflect time and outcome of the individual piece.

These pieces, unless stated, are made with lead so please make sure to wash your hands after handling them and generally a good idea to keep out of reach of small children. There is really only a small risk with ingestion but I always air on the side of keeping you safe!


All pieces will be cleaned and polished, however, to keep a shiny patina you may want to periodically polish your piece with either Pledge (for black patina) or just regular car wax for the silver and copper variety. The finishes will wear over time and is to be expected. 

Please hang your pieces carefully and avoid suction cups if possible. I have had success with them but also a few failures here and there and would hate you to break your piece. Hanging on a nail in the window or simply over the knobs works great! Some people use command strips but I personally have not had great luck with those either.